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The Fabled Woodland Jellyfish

Inspired by a ride through the woods on the infamous Jellyfish from the year 12000. Typically a desert dwelling creature, this jellyfish found itself in a much more serene environment in October 2015 slowly lighting the bare trees and fallen leaves as it carefully traversed through the forest. Unfortunately the original incarnation of Jelly One was consumed by the fire that fueled it (literally gasoline). 30x40 Acrylic on canvas 2016. Prints available.

Taroko National Park, Taiwan

Near the bottom entrance to Taroko Gorge National Park on the east coast of Taiwan. With a rise from 0m to 3275m (10,744 ft) there are quite a few spectacular drops, canyons, waterfalls and tight canyon crossings. The road seems to be in constant repair from typhoon damage and the ever changing and evolving mountain landscape. One of the scariest drives I've ever done.

Canyonlands, Utah

Little Mowgli snaggin' a snack after hiking to Murphy's Point. We found a little shade, ate lunch and enjoyed the spectacular views. He's a great hiker and camping buddy in general, always exploring, taking pictures, asking questions and helping out. We were lucky enough to get a campground in Willow Flats and Canyonlands is close enough for an adventure filled weekend trip. Can't wait to go again.

Yonghe (Lama) Temple, Beijing

One of the many ornate exteriors of the Lama Temple in Beijing, China. It had also been repainted within the last year - so the colors were incredibly vivid and bright.

Yonghe Temple, Beijing

Ornate ceilings inside the Yonghe or popularly called Lama Temple. I could stare at them for days and tilt-shift photography adds a unique perspective. This is an active buddhist temple and also a very crowded tourist destination.

Sunrise - Taichung, Taiwan

A bright clear morning in Taichung from the 25th floor of an apartment building. All week the skyline was obstructed by haze from farmers burning their fields post-harvest season. The final morning I was there everything cleared up and I was able to get this shot before traveling to Taipei and catching a plane back to the US.

Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺 Kyoto, Japan

The water temple. You can catch the water, wash with it, drink it, or take a vial for the road. The water is believed to have magical properties and may grant ones wish. Results may vary.


Supermoon November 14, 2016

Taken from atop an abandoned road high up Emigration Canyon near Salt Lake City, Utah. Shot some timelapses, enjoyed a beer, dinner in a thermos and of course the bright views in every direction.

Longshan Temple, Lukang, Taiwan

Inside the Longshan Temple in Lukang, Taiwan. The level of detail and color in these ornate carvings and embellishments is a psychedelic sight to behold. It really is this bright and saturated.